Spread over 9000 m2, our production facility in Sveta Helena is intended for the production of precast reinforced concrete elements. It is equipped with automated equipment for production and installation of concrete, manipulation and shipping of finished products. Daily production in the facility is carried out under controlled conditions. With a rating system of 2+ according to EN standards, we were also issued a production certificate from the IRMA institute from Slovenia.

Precast concrete element is an element made from concrete and reinforcement produced in situ or in a facility for the production of precast concrete elements.  

We produce the following elements:

  • Linear girders (columns, beams …),
  • Ribbed floor elements (TT slabs)
  • Floor plates for floor systems (Omnia flooring slabs),
  • Special roof elements (V-girders).

The elements are produced in standard or prestressed-type procedure according to project requirements. This type of construction increases the ranges and heights that we are able to master, while also helping us achieve faster performance.

Production: the produced concrete is transported to the area with steel moulds which contain reinforced foldable baskets. At the end of the installation of concrete into the shuttering, the final assessment and processing of the upper concrete surface is performed. 24 hours after the installation of concrete into the shuttering or after the specific concrete strength has been achieved (prestressing procedure if special requirements are set), demoulding, extraction and storage of reinforced elements is carried out. When enough time has elapsed for the concrete to reach the desired properties, the elements are transported to the construction site for in situ installation.

Advantages of reinforced concrete prefabricated structures are fast construction and dry installation which allows production regardless of weather conditions and installation also in winter periods.

This type of construction is approximately 30% cheaper, affordable and of better quality than the standard traditional construction which includes concrete casting on the construction site. Given that finished elements are delivered to the construction site, the assembly of structures is carried out expediently, without any external influences, as the production is carried out under controlled conditions. Large construction ranges allow the construction of structures with a small number of internal columns, which is of extreme importance when it comes to construction of storage, production and shopping facilities.

They consist of: columns, roof girders (main and secondary girders), beams (storey or roof beams), panels (storey or roof slabs) and facade panels (prefabricated walls).